Bremen Spurwerk

On the 90,000 square metre site of the former Neustadtsgüterbahnhof - a site of historic importance - a modern area for trade, crafts and urban production is being created.

Close to the city centre, with excellent infrastructure, excellent parking facilities and a high-performance fibre-optic connection.

The excellent location of the site offers not only advertising presence but also high visibility. It will also be a new link between the districts of Neustadt and Woltmershausen - an important beacon project for Bremen.

DGNB pre-certificate in gold

The SPURWERK sets technical, ecological, economic and functional standards. It operates entirely without fossil fuels and offers owners and users greater comfort, lower running costs and a higher market value. For this it has been awarded the DGNB pre-certificate in gold.



Project data & equipment

  • Location: Bremen Neustadt
  • Size of site: approx. 90,000 sqm
  • Distance to city centre: 1.7 km
  • Connections: A6 / B75 / Public transport / City centre
  • Sophisticated property mix
  • Efficient fibre optic connectivity
  • Excellent parking facilities / mobility centre
  • Sustainable and energy efficient design
  • Full accessibility
  • Combination of office and warehouse space
Project completion
Over 90,000
Property area


The new office building is the first of a total of four modern and barrier-free “Arbeitswelten” in Bremen's SPURWERK. The ground floor with its representative foyer has a clear ceiling height of over four metres, the other floors of the new five-storey building score with a clear ceiling height of three metres. In order to act in a sustainable and resource-saving manner, the building was constructed analogue to the EG-40 standard and is to receive the gold certificate of the DGNB. The entire SPURWERK is aiming for DGNB dictrict certification.

Equipment office A

  • Lift
  • Barrier-free access
  • High-performance fibre optic connection
  • LED lighting
  • Clear ceiling height on ground floor
    over 4m, further floors 3m
  • Flexible configurable floor plans
    during the planning phase
Q3 2023
Project completion
Rental area

Discover more

  • Dargestellt ist die Animation eines Stadtzentrums mit Menschen und einer feinen Skulptur in Form einer Giraffe. Eingerahmt wird die begrünte Fläche von zwei mehrstöckigen Häuserblocks, in denen sich unten Geschäfte befinden.

  • Animierte Darstellung der Innenräume eines der Bürogebäude. Dargestellt ist der Eingangsbereich eines mehrstöckigen Bürogebäudes mit Treppenhaus und Aufzug sowie der Beschriftung der zugehörigen Firmen auf den Etagen.

  • Die Darstellung zeigt eine Animation der Innenräume eines Büros. Abgebildet ist ein mit Glas abgetrenntes Büro für mehrere Personen sowie eine Gemeinschaftsküche mit großen Fenstern.

  • Fotografie aus dem Bauprozess des Spurwerkkomplexes. Dargestellt ist eine große Halle mit hohen Decken und einem Treppenaufgang zu einem offenen ersten Stock, auf dem Boden liegen Bauutensilien.

  • Foto aus der Bauphase des Spurwerkkomplexes. Dargestellt ist eine große Halle mit Glasfront als Eingang und hohen Decken. Außerhalb der Halle sind Baugeräte und weitere Gebäude des Spurwerkkomplexes zu sehen.

  • Fotografie des Bauprozesses des Spurwerkkomplexes. Dargestellt ist ein fertiges großes Gebäude aus grauem Stein, davor ein Bagger auf einem großen aufgeschütteten Feld.

  • Foto aus der Bauphase des Spurwerkkomplexes. Abgebildet sind zwei Gebäude mit mehreren Baufahrzeugen davor.

  • The animation depicts a city centre with people and a fine sculpture in the shape of a giraffe. The green area is framed by two multi-storey blocks of houses with shops below.

  • Animated representation of the interior of one of the office buildings. Shown is the entrance area of a multi-storey office building with staircase and lift as well as the labelling of the associated companies on the floors.

  • The illustration shows an animation of the interior of an office. It shows an office for several people separated by glass and a communal kitchen with large windows.

  • Photograph from the construction process of the railway track complex. It shows a large hall with high ceilings and a staircase to an open first floor, with building utensils lying on the floor.

  • Photo taken during the construction phase of the railway track complex. It shows a large hall with a glass front entrance and high ceilings. Outside the hall, you can see construction equipment and other buildings of the railway yard complex.

  • Photograph of the construction process of the trackworks complex. It shows a finished large building made of grey stone, with an excavator in front of it on a large filled-in field.

  • Photo from the construction phase of the railway track complex. The photo shows two buildings with several construction vehicles in front of them.